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Clifford J Perry

Business Process Automation, Blockchain, Web3, Human/Artificial Intelligence, SaaS Technologies and Capital Formation Consulting

Entrepreneurs need advisors who are passionate about helping both companies and individuals with their project’s logistics from conceptual development, design, buildout, construction, procurement, management, sales & marketing, while reducing financial risk.


Since 1985, Cliff Perry has been helping businesses and individuals to develop, manage and enhance their business.
Specialties: Companies, Investors and Individuals have trusted in Cliff Perry to help them figure what they want or need in order for their ventures to succeed and so that their businesses can participate more effectively in today’s “Global Economy”. Cliff then identifies the right resources, marketing systems, custom designed programs and plan of action that accomplishes what needs to be done.

Making & Meeting Goals

Clifford J Perry is the founder and managing member of Concepts Consulting 20/20, LLC.Cliff is an experienced international strategist, senior operating executive and trusted adviser. He starts by documenting your business concept, analyzes the market and evaluates your goals, finally he uses proven strategies designed to meet your risk tolerance and your ability to stand up against market volatility.You can count on unbiased recommendations and impartial guidance based directly on your needs and goals.

Help others achieve their dreams and they will be more likely to help you achieve yours.

Consulting Services

Branding and IP Protection

Digital Transformation and SaaS

Licensing and Franchising

Capital Formation

Business Facilitation


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